Search Engine Optimization

Everybody wants to be "Number One on Google". We don't guarantee any such thing (and nobody can guarantee such a thing on the outset). Instead, we offer a realistic approach that considers the frequent changes in search engine algorithms and new media technology.

Search engine optimization is extremely fluid, and the only thing that has remained constant over time is the fact that it's always changing. Moreover, SEO requirements vary greatly from company to company. SEO begins with a study of your business, your market, your competition, your target audience, and your existing Web site. It's safe to say that a realistic, all-encompassing approach is the only way to achieve long-term success in the world of SEO.

Below are two success stories from our Search Engine Optimization Portfolio.

Case Study 1: A Print Manufacturer Goes Digital

When the owners of an Illinois-based company selling printing-press accessories decided to redouble its efforts in online marketing, they knew paid listings were only a part of the solution.

The only problem: They lagged behind their key competitors in many of their most-valued search terms.

They came to us with a website already built and effectively communicating their message. But the structure of the site didn't work well with any of the major search engines. With some careful explanations from the client and some careful listening from ReliantWeb, we came to understand how their customers were thinking. From there, it was a relatively simple redesign to index on the key terms and phrases that would quadruple their non-paid visitor count in less than a year.

Case Study 2: A Farmer's Market to the World

A farmer in west central Ohio figured out a better way to bottle (feed) calves. It was a natural fit: He raises calves, he has an engineering and manufacturing background, and so he was able to resolve some enduring hassles to bottling calves.

But as most of us know, building a better "mousetrap" and marketing it are two distinct specialties. What he really needed was a website to coordinate his marketing. By building that website for him, and by building it specifically to place well on all major search engines, ReliantWeb provided an online vehicle through which this farmer in the most rural part of Ohio now sells directly to customers nationwide.

By working closely with our client we were able to understand his niche, his message, his tone and his goals. With a bit of research, we were able to dissect the online presence of would-be competitors and build their best SEO features into our client's site - with improvements. And, finally, by building a custom website following ReliantWeb's Intelligent Design philosophy, this engineering farmer is now also an entrepreneur and manufacturer, selling his wares and fielding inquiries from coast to coast.

All this is just a long-winded was of saying our client holds Google's coveted "#1" listing for four of his five targeted search phrases.